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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Reflections On who Comes to My Blog

I'd like to take a moment to create a sense of community with the people who view this blog. I am always honored that people will take a little time to consider some idea I had and maybe post a comment. Some of the people who view my blog are dear friends and some are visitors I don't know from around the world.

I'm quite interested in the people who read this blog from cultures other than Western cultures. I have had visits from  Central and South America, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Balkans, along with Eastern Europe and Russia. I often wonder about a very different culture that finds something that is of interest in what I write and how I can communicate better with them, both in asking them to comment and writing in a manner that is more clear. Sometimes I imagine when some of our North American and European visitors might be wondering what I'm talking about too! So, please tell me!

I also wonder about the experiences of our Middle East, Asian and African visitors who are transsexual or have a relationship of any kind with someone who is transsexual. I would love to learn about all of your experiences as well as other cultures represented by my visitors.

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