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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Name Game: Anna, Anna Bobanna, Fie Fi.......

I changed the name of my blog because I have been given a name and I chose a name that makes it feel more right than Sherri Lynne. It is rather late in the game to do this, but I have had a series of events that led me to the conclusion that the new name suited me better.

The person who suggested the new first name is someone I have a deep respect for and someone I admire. My middle name Elisabeth is a family name and the name of my favorite aunt and great aunt.

Upon reflection of over a year, I have decided that the new name seems to "fit" me better and I have also decided to make it my legal name in about 3 months.

 More often than not, we have our names given to us and we do not name ourselves. My previous name was one I chose to try to capture a sense of identity to individualize my identity as a southern woman in the modern South. I think I was able to capture that spirit, but there are other spiritual aspects of myself I would like to enhance expressing who I truly am! This name given by people who love and loved me and I respect somehow just feels right.

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  1. Good for you, girl =)

    I used a name before transition as my femme name and when it came time to finally transition, I decided that my current name fit me much better. So I can relate. I love my name now and couldn't see it being any other way. =)