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Friday, June 26, 2015

Transgender Care For Professionals: An Educational Resource

Over the many years of my professional work with transgender people, I began giving a number of workshops all over the eastern United States. While working on my public presentations, I developed over the course of a number of years a power point slide show to consolidate what I have learned over my lifetime about transsexualism.

As I progress in my personal journey, I foresee a time when I will no longer practice with transgender patients or any patients for that matter. I have worked almost exclusively in the human service professions in a volunteer or paid capacity since I was 15 years old. There once was a time when I could never imagine not being a therapist, but now I look forward to other pursuits in about 9 years when I retire.

I do feel a weight of being the only gender therapist in quite a fair distance and worry about those who come along after I am gone seeking to become congruent in mind and body who will have more difficulty in their journey if they can't find a competent therapist.

To that end I offer what I consider one of my best academic works, which I share with some humility in the hope that it will help other mental health practitioners become competent and comfortable with practicing in this interesting area.

Here is a link to access my powerpoint and I hope that it is helpful to you in whatever capacity that you can benefit from it. In this body of my work, you will learn about the presence of transgendered people since ancient times, developmental psychology, co-occurring mental health and substance disorders, as well as goals of treatment and a section on the ethical care of transgender patients. I present information on the historical approach to the treatment of transgender people by health care professionals and review the current World Professional Association of Transgender Health Standards of Care. As always, my powerpoint is a living, breathing document and from time to time it will be updated as I expand my knowledge, skills and abilities to provide cutting edge treatment for transgender people.

 Please do remember when sharing that this is my own original research and please respect my copyright.

Lauren Tancyus LCSW
Diplomate in Clinical Social Work

PLEASE NOTE: In order to open the powerpoint to view, first open a new browser window. Second copy the link below and third paste it in the new browser window address bar. Click enter and you will be taken to my powerpoint which you can then view.

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