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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What is the Position of Feminists on the Sexual Assaults on Women in Europe Who have accepted Middle East "Refugees"?

I'm hearing CRICKETS: Chirp Chirp, Chirp Chirp...... In other words, STONY SILENCE.



I simply cannot understand why Feminists are unable to stand up speaking out boldly and strongly against the very policies that will bring us oppression and violence that we have never experienced in admittedly biased culture that used to exist in America for many years. Are Feminists so willing to trade in our triumphs and victories in the gains in equality only to squander them to a radical left agenda? Are they willing to leave us victims to an agenda that places us in an even worse position ever dreamed of in a formerly oppressive western culture? It appears so. My only question is WHY?

Feminists were never supportive of transsexuals in the 1960's 70's, 80's or 90's. Feminists today do not truly care about our well being today or for the welfare of women in general all over the world. It is evidenced by their stony silence about the abuse of women in Islamic culture and their silence about the spread of abuse of women in the western civilization. It is evidenced by prominent female politicians who excuse the sexual abuse of women in exchange for their own political careers by enabling their husbands who serially abuse women. Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin come easily to mind as examples of modern feminist women who will put up with spouses who sexually abuse women in order to further their own political positions without regard for the chilling message it sends women in our culture today about what is acceptable in the way men treat women in relationships.

Hillary whines about an imaginary war against women here in America, while she remains oddly silent about the real war against women going on in Europe. She wants to bring these Middle East men to America when we have no way of vetting them or possibly hope to know what their intentions towards our citizens are. Judging from what is happening in Europe, my opinion that only disaster can result if we follow through with this folly. Hillary and her ilk can't even identify the threat we face for what it is: Radical Islam and we are the victims of Jihad.

Really, these Middle East men are not refugees, they are occupiers. They practice the age old terroristic act of rape as a form of warfare, to establish themselves permanently in Europe and then on to America. It is a form of warfare that has been practiced by conquering countries since the dawn of civilization.

 Modern or so called third wave feminists are trying to tell us that our identities as transsexuals lie on some type of blurred continuum of gender identity when the vast majority of us strongly identify as male or female, man or woman and not something in between. You find this sort of thinking of  us being something in between in the academic world or feminists, not in real life. Don't believe me? Check out the National Trans Equality Surveys. Modern Feminists in academia want to relegate us to something "less than" a man or a woman, though the majority of trans people know this simply isn't so.  By their complicit silence, they are selling us into subjugation by not taking a stand against forces that will relegate us to a level of treatment that isn't even human.

I would strongly urge you to engage in critical thinking in making your decisions about the challenges the United States faces in the upcoming national elections and in determining the fate our our future. Your future existence may be at stake.


  1. Yes, the silence is deafening, isn't it, and if Obama has his way we'll have tens of thousands of these "refugees" in our country, as if we didn't already have enough problems with the roughly 12 million assimilated illegal aliens that have strolled through our wide open southern border. :(

  2. Unassimilated. Damn spell check!

  3. Hi Dani, isn't just UNBELIEVABLE??!! I am not a feminist, never have been a fan of them, but I believe that women should have the same opportunity for jobs, earn the same wages and have the same promotion opportunities that men have, provided they have put in the same time in their careers. I don't believe taking years off for raising a family means a woman should still rise to the same position and pay as men who have not taken years off (unless they have the qualifications to earn it. However, if you can do the job, by all means, have an equal opportunity.

    I support reproductive rights to the extent that a woman should not carry an unborn child if she got pregnant by rape or incest, or if the unborn child is going to have such a poor quality of life, that that life isn't worth living, or if the potential exists to damage the health of the mother.

    However, I never have and never will be silent in the face of women being physically, emotionally or sexually abused, or for any man either.

    These Muslim occupiers have no respect for women and consider a woman's life cheaper than dirt. I will not be silenced about that.

  4. WOW, your comments here echo my thoughts exactly. I am so pleased I found your blog, I will return often. Thank you for speaking out on this very important subject.

  5. Lauren
    I just found your blog. It is nice to see a "T" blogger who understands political issues and just does not blindly parrot the views of the left.
    I think that one of the primary motivators of the left is the massive abortion industry. Every year the federal governentmet (at least for the past several years) has given Planned Parenthood over $500 million taxpayer dollars. Up here in NY the State also has shown its generosity. I do not buy the position that these dollars are for women's health and NOT for abortion. Money is fungible. I can take $20 out of my pocket and buy flowers or food or drugs or tobacco or booze. Even if all that money to PP goes into the 'other pocket' that leaves more of their other funds to push abortions. The quid pro quo is that PP and other abortion providers plough huge money back into liberal politicians. Over $20M went directly to a Hilllary super pac and a larger amount went to the DNC. When Hillary was Sec. of State she put $100M each year into a fund to pay for abortions around the world.
    It boggles the mind how Hillary and the Democrats are silent on these abuses of women. The new term for illegal alien or refuge is "future Democrat".

    As time permits I will look back at earlier entries in your blog and will from time to time comment with my agreement or my hopefully polite dissent.

    1. Thank you for your comments scalesman. I would agree in principle that the liberal/ socialist "progressive" will champion the sad state of affairs about abortion policy. It is dismaying enough that abortion has become a form of birth control, but it has led into an even more evil practice of trafficking in the tissues of unborn children.
      I believe that in situations where the mother's life is in danger for medical complications of the pregancy, that abortion should be an option and also in the cases of incest and rape.

  6. Lauren
    I can accept your conditions regarding abortion. It is thought out and thoughtful, especially in the case of having to make a medical decision between the life of the mother and the life of the child. It is just sad that the abortion industry and the party that is happy to accept political contributions from that industry (basically the circulation of tax dollars) want abortion for no reason up until the date of delivery.

  7. What did I just read? OMG anti feminist right wing Trans? lol is this 4chan?

  8. Dear stupid bitch. You are not a feminist as myself. I am a Transwomen like yourself wishing to join the other gender but only in spirit and mind. Feminist are rightfully incredulous of trannies like us. I do not want periods or alike but our identity is no.less. so stop with the I-am-women narrative or some fantasy helen reddy song. Get s life loser.

    1. Wow! I saw your comment first thing this morning and I have to admit, I LAUGHED OUT LOUD! I generally delete abusive posts that do not have anything to do with the topic at hand, but your post is so intellectually void and laughable, that I thought it would be a good example of an apparent lack of ability to think critically and post a salient intellectual argument about the substance of what I wrote. It is an example of how shallow some of my critics can be.

      I looked at your profile and I see you are studying Sociology. Your inability to articulate your thoughts using proper English is astounding or engage in critical thinking makes me wonder how low the standards are at San Diego State University to accept someone as yourself, but I suppose that is what is acceptable in academia these days. Perhaps you can take some lessons at the SDSU writing laboratory and learn to express yourself in the written word in a cogent manner.

      About the only thing you were able to ascertain correctly is that I am not a Feminist. What makes this so amusing is your reference to Helen Reddy’s Feminist anthem “I Am Woman”. That reference reveals your lack of knowledge about Feminism. While I was surprised that you even knew the song due to your tender young age and apparent intellectual deficit, it was quite the humorous gaff on your part. Try to read the lyrics and understand them. It might be enlightening find a way to understand and use references appropriately.

      You make the mistake of including me in the category "trannies like us". First of all I am not a "tranny". The term "tranny" is derogatory to people like me. “Tranny” is a term used to refer to transgender people who engage in the porn trade or prostitution. That is understandable because you describe yourself as a "hot slut" on your Google profile. Not much to aspire to there, but don't confuse who and what I am with whom and what you are. That is another intellectual error. Your affiliations according to Google + indicates you are more comfortable with drag queens and crossdressers. Apparently you have sipped the Kool Aid and think transsexuals are the same as the people you identify with. Likely this is because you have bought into the idea that Transgender is an all-encompassing term that includes identities that have little to nothing in common with each other. However, that is speculation on my part.

      As a feminist, just how do you justify making yourself an object for others to use sexually? It seems to me that if you were a real feminist or a scholar you would understand that women AND Feminists have been fighting for being taken seriously since the late 1850's and are invested in not being seen MERELY as an object for sexual gratification. No, Feminists are rightfully incredulous of people of your ilk, not of people like me who simply want to live a mainstream life in the gender identity which I have had all my life.

      I find it even more comical that you admonish me to get a life. I have a very fulfilling life. I have had a stable professional career in mental health dating back to 1980 and an advanced degree in my profession. I hold the highest credential in my field and I have been helping other transsexuals with their transitions since 1996. I have a very healthy social support system and an active spiritual life. I have had a stable relationship with a woman for over 20 years now. You indicate you cannot handle any type of committed relationship with someone at this time. Maybe that’s because you identify with being a slut (Your words, not mine).

      I would encourage you on the other hand, to get a life, because as you put yourself out there publicly, you appear to be someone who is worthy of pity. Your apparent only sense of worth is derived from your physicality and how it can be exploited to your benefit.
      I wish you well for the future.

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    1. This was a repost of "bright boi's" original comment. Nothing to see here, please move along... LOL!