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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Reply to Edy on my last blog article "Time Loves a Hero"

Generally, I would have responded to Edy's comment which was polite and respectful as a reply under her comment but because I expanded my remarks in detail, it was too long there to post and instead I will post it as a separate blog article. Please read Time Loves a Hero to put this entry into proper context!

 Dear Edy,
Thanks for commenting on my blog. Originally, I supported Ted Cruz because of many problems confronting our country that are much larger than the ones I have as a transsexual.
 Our current circumstances remind of what John Kennedy said- “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Too often it is about what the government is going to do for me, anymore. I prefer to live my life with minimal interference or social engineering from the government.
Originally, I was for Ted Cruz because of what he stood for: Strong borders preventing people from entering our country illegally, a strong national defense, the willingness to prosecute a war against ISIS and Islamic terrorism, here in our country and abroad, and rebuilding the economy which has been pitifully lagging for the past 12 years or so. We need real jobs for people, not a lot of low paying part time jobs with no benefits that people can’t live on and no potential for potential career development. Initially, Ted Cruz looked as though he could deliver that better than the other Republican candidates.
It was towards the end of the primary election process that I learned what Ted Cruz was saying about people. As a result, I determined that Donald Trump would be the candidate I would support.
You mention the bathroom issue in North Carolina for being shocked that I would support Mr. Cruz or Mr. Trump. I believe the left created a problem where one really didn’t exist to attempt to create a wedge issue with voters.
This problem didn’t originate in North Carolina. It was originally created by the City Council of Houston, Texas, controlled by the democrats. They held a referendum on an ordinance for transgender rights to use public restrooms. People like me have been using the appropriate bathroom to our gender identity for quite some time. For the most part there have not been problems, particularly if we assimilated into our gender identity and have had our legal documentation changed. For the most part, the general public is not very well educated about the lives of transgender people. We have been largely invisible, something that has worked for me very well. I prefer it that way. The referendum was defeated, public attention and scrutiny of people who previously had no problems suddenly had unwanted attention cast their way. In response the City of Charlotte North Carolina passed an ordinance allowing transgender people to use the bathrooms appropriate to their gender identity. This provoked the North Carolina legislature to pass HB2 prohibiting transgender people from using the bathroom that is appropriate for them to use. Prior to the left getting involved there was not much of a problem. So I am saying “Thank You very little” for making my life more complicated.
Then to dump gas on a fire, Obama comes out saying transgender people will be allowed to use locker rooms and shower facilities. To me it’s an attempt to use people like me as pawns in the struggle of identity politics. I am adamantly opposed to being used for a fight that only served to further marginalize transpeople. Being pre op, I have no place in a woman’s locker room. After I have GRS,  then  that is an entirely different manner. Think about this: Why on earth would I want to put myself in a position to make other women feel uncomfortable with my presence? I share the same sentiments as genetic women about privacy and feeling a sense of safety when I use these facilities?
The bathroom is a totally different situation. Women’s bathrooms offer much more privacy. Everyone uses an individual stall with a door. You go in, do what you need to do, wash your hands and check your makeup and hair.
Let’s face it, NO ONE like to have something crammed down their throats, particularly when it’s something relatively unknown. I surely don’t. That’s why I feel like the left has used us like pawns. They don’t really seem to care about us individually, just as a collectivist block of votes. They see us as expendables. That’s why I don’t support the Democrats. It’s been the same way with the Gay Lesbian and bisexual political organ: they threw transsexuals under the bus as expendables since the times I can remember. We are an afterthought.
The Republicans in North Carolina were stupid to react to the Charlotte city council. They have been played like a fine Stradivarius violin. As they are poised to repeal HB2 in a deal with Charlotte, now Liberal Charlotte threatens to pull back to repeal their bathroom ordinance. They would rather score political points against Republicans and Conservatives than do the right thing and make the whole bathroom thing a nonissue again.

In any event, my belief is that my inalienable rights as a human are not granted or removed by any government; they are bestowed by my Creator, no matter how you define the Creator.

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