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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hello, I'm Sherri Lynne

Hi! I'm Sherri Lynne. I'm a psychotherapist and I am a transsexual. I am a Clinical Social Worker and hold the Diplomate, the highest credential in my field. Although I do many other kinds of therapy, I am a gender specialist, scholar and educator. I am engaged in one of the largest gender programs in Virginia which I created. I've developed a comprehensive program that includes my services as a psychotherapist, a psychiatrist who writes my second opinion letters, aesthetic dermatology, primary care, hormonal reassignment specialists and in January we will be offering voice therapy. All but the services I have offered and HRT (Hormonal Reassignment Therapy) have been initiated in the last two years, so my program is extremely dynamic and represents the state of the art of transgender care. I maintain relationships with a number of surgeons who perform surgical gender reassignment around the country and in Canada.

Over the past three years I have been giving workshops all over the eastern U.S. at transgender conferences and at Universities, some for continuing education credits for mental health professionals. Recently I founded a consulting business, E.I.T.C. (Excellence in Transgender Care), whose mission is to help build comprehensive health care systems that will provide competent and compassionate care. E.I.T.C. also is involved in providing professional education opportunities. I am a member of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health.

I do stay busy! I am also writing a professional text from the perspective of a transgender person who is also a psychotherapist. My goal is to write a book that is accessible to the general public but is informative for mental health professionals as well as practical. I hope it will also lend insights to professionals on what it is like to live at odds in the mind-body continuum and how to apply the WPATH standards of care in the spirit to which they are intended, not as a rigid set of rules that must be followed by rote, as explicitly stated in the SOC.

So, I hope that you will find my blog interesting, informative and thought provoking. I look forward to getting to know my readers and learn from you all as well!

Sherri Lynne

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