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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sage Smith is Still Missing!

DaShad Laquinn Smith 2

Sage Smith continues to remain missing since December of 2012. Two other young women who have gone missing since then may be vindicated by a recent arrest of a man from this area (Charlottesville, Virginia) but Sage's suspected assailant who was identified, Erik McFadden who is from Minnesota and met her on Facebook, remains at large. He came to Charlottesville to meet her and was seen with her at the local Amtrak station, and has not been seen since an initial interview by police who named him as a "person of interest", but was allowed to leave and has not been heard of since.

My belief is that if she were a cis gendered woman and not a transsexual woman, and if she were not a woman of color, more effort would have been brought to bear in apprehending her perpetrator. Much unlike the effort focused on recent cases of missing women who were murdered or not found to date.

If anyone has heard of Erik McFadden, come across him on social media as someone who is attracted to transsexual women, please contact the Charlottesville, Virginia Police.

Please join me in prayers for Sage and if, by a miracle, you read this and happen to have even the tiniest shred of information that might be helpful in solving this missing person case, please call the Charlottesville, Virginia Police at 434-977-4000

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