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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Rules for the Road (How To Be Happier in Life and Have More Friends)

After having read several blogs this week that provoked much spirited conversation and a really good conversation with a blog writer, this morning I came up with some rules for the road in life. I think if I will apply them to myself I will be a happier person and perhaps just a little more persuasive when I post an opinion blog (versus a personal triumph or agony blog).
1. Celebrate Diversity: All Diversity I want mine celebrated too. It's better to give than to receive but receiving feels pretty good too. So if I want mine to be respected and included, it would be best that I be mindful of others' views and beliefs. Don't have to agree or like them, but be respectful.
2. Be Tolerant: Remember this mathmatical representation: I/E (read "I over E") When I choose intellect over emotion in discussing my beliefs that oppose someone else's. This allows me to have an exchange with someone and probably learn something I might not have considered.
3.Don't Deliberately Provoke People: I don't need to go in for the kill when I see someone's sensitivity on any issue or opinion.
4. Be thoughtful: If I make a statement, I need to be able to back it up with some research. I'm always embarrased when I come out with a strong opinion when I later find out I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. I think I would rather shut up and look ignorant than be proved to be ignorant.
5. Be Friendly: Even if someone is expressing some idea or philosophical belief that absolutely makes me want to gag, I'm going to try to find something I like about that person.
6. Be Sensitive; I don't know what private or not so private hells someone else went through and unless I've had a conversation about where I've been in my life with someone they don't know the private and not so private hells that I have been through.
7. Be Prompt in saying I'm sorry: Really. I need to do this when I hurt some one's feelings or unintentionally make them angry and as soon as possible, be it privately or publicly.
8. Be Gracious: Forgive and forget. This one can be just for me and no one else. I can be selfish about this. When I forgive, whether the other person tells me they are sorry or not, I feel better, I am not carrying a resentment that only makes me feel emotionally hung over.
9. Be Kind: Reach out to someone when I see them hurting, whether I like them very much or not at all. Even if I can't do anything else, I can at least listen which sometimes is the best thing to do. I also don't have to come up with a solution. Sometimes one just needs to vent their pain/ frustration.
10. Post This Where I Can See It: I think I probably should review this once or twice a week, if not every day. I can be forgetful of my own values at times.

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