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Friday, November 16, 2012

Further Along.... When Black Friday Comes....

Today turned out a bit better in some respects than what I had anticipated. My boss lady and I have the opportunity to lay it out on the line only two or three times a year. Most of our session was devoted to things previously scheduled to discuss. Some areas of contention that could be resolved that were clinical in nature.

At the end of these lengthy discussions I ventured forward that there was another issue that I wished to discuss. Boss lady indicated she had to be somewhere very shortly and being a Friday evening, I could appreciate that: I wanted to leave work more than anything that day.

I did tell her that I had one thing else that I wanted to discuss but it wasn't something bad. She responded by asking what it was, and I told her that it couldn't be discussed in five minutes. She said that I had her wondering and she would be thinking about it while we were gone over the next week and wondering about what it was. I told her that it wasn't anything bad and she replied now that she would be wondering even more until she returned.

I took that opportunity to tell her it was about a gender issue. She asked me if it was about her gender in a friendly manner and I replied that it was my gender issue. She cheerfully said "Oh ok" and I told her I woud explain when she got back.

My intuition is telling me that she knows and she is trying to make it ok for me.

Interestingly, just before I went in to the meeting, ready to disclose all, one of the front office girls was looking at an Avon catalogue and asked the other girl if she wanted to order some makeup remover. That girl said no and then the girl with the catelogue asked me if I wanted to order some. I a;lso said no. The girl with the catelogue said, I just use soap and water. I said I do too but I used Purity by Philosophy and then used Clinique Even Better Moisturizer with SPF 20. She said, "Yeah thats really good moisturizer. Then I went into my meeting.

I became so much more calm before the meeting until I got in there, but I was able to remain centered. Although I didn't get the whole disclosure done, Boss Lady let me know that what I will be telling her would be ok, by her casual dismissal of what I was about to tell her.

I feel so much more confident and ready to finish what needs to be told and I have a feeling of peace that it will be ok.


  1. Prayer changes things.

    You are respected as a person. That is essential.

    You will be blogging soon about how stressed you are about going in to the next meeting.

    I will still be thinking about and praying for my little sister, who I am very, extraordinarily proud of.


  2. Well i'm not so sure I will be stressed next time. The ice was broken on the subject and the ease of her response when she replied "oh, ok" made me feel as though this was either already figured out or if not, then it wasnt a big deal, so I think ill be ok when we talk after Thanksgiving!

  3. Would have been nice to have discussed it all then and there. Such a shame but it sounds that when you do have that discussion there will be no surprises !

  4. Told you...I suspect she already knows regardless

  5. I am sorry if I offended you with my previous comment from a few days ago. If so, I am not sure how I did.

    No matter what, I hope everything goes well for you with your Boss and in the future. You and your wife deserve nothing but happiness.



  6. Hi Ksrin, Thank you for your heartfelt caring about getting through this hard part of transition! It is much appreciated.

    I'm not sure I know which comment you refer to. I'm not offended (well, only once) by what people post if it is someone's opinion and not a personal attack. The editorial ethic I employ had to change slightly after an attack on me was posted off topic on one article, but I post all comments, critical of my views or not. I think that is intellectually more honest, which I try to achieve, but sometimes fall short. I'm very appreciative of you taking time to read my blog too!
    hugs, Sherri

  7. Hi Sherri,

    I'm relieved. Now, I know it wasn't something I said. My comment to your first post about telling your Boss basically was all pro-Sherri and thanking you for sharing your life with us on-line. You have made my life (and current time in T-Purgatory) much more survivable.

    Thanks and Good Luck,


  8. Oh, THANK YOU! Karin..... Your support, as everyone's, is most cherished!
    hugs, Sherri

  9. Sherri...
    She already knows! I'd bet the farm on it!
    So relax, share your news, and make a point to discuss how good this is going too be for her business and yours!
    Best wishes always!
    Traci O'Gara xoxo